Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ghosts were my cupids - One Minute Story (English)

"Ammu you shouldn't  stare at the mirror, afraid somebody else here is watching us through it."

Every lover has his own web of lies to keep his lady love wrapped.  In my case, it is these fictional ghost stories that I weave over Ammu.

"Ammu , I had a terrible nightmare yesterday. It went like you were chased by a ghost wearing a long black coat, holding a machete in its hand."

"What? Did you help me from it?"

"No! Not actually. As you were running, I could also see the ghost hastening towards your back. But I woke up just before I could know how it ended."

It is always my policy not to do heroics in a ghost story. Why bother? It’s always the heroine the ghost is interested in. As far as ghost stories are concerned, heroes are always dummies!  The reason why my ghost stories survive with such a brilliantly brained  girl like  Ammu is, her sense towards ghosts and ghost tales is exactly opposite to what she has got in her studies. Even a most confusing algorithm would not dare mess with her brain but a stupid ghost story could! Actually I love that part of her brain and that is where I fit in! I have kept her in a state of imagination where she firmly believes that I am the only ghost hunter she could count on!

"I am bothered Karthi, fear everything you tell is happening to me really!"

One fine day, when we were crossing the woods on our way back home, all of a sudden I relieved my pinned hands from Ammu's and started chasing something that was visible only in my imagination! Two minutes later I rushed back to her and staged my theatrics as I always do.

"I saw the ghost from my nightmare. It was staring at you dear. Don’t you worry now, I chased it back into the woods. You were lucky I was with you."

I started to follow horror movies and fearsome stories from all around the world. After that my stories took a 'U' turn and I started to invent stories about aliens! I personally call it my second level in story-telling.

"Its frame was around four feet high. Nose was as sharp as an ice pick and it had long-broad wings in place where men usually grow hands!" and so it went on. At the same instance when I was doing what I do best, we both witnessed a 'thing' which fit exactly in the description I was giving. The thing was standing beside its peculiar space vehicle and was watching us. Suddenly I sensed Ammu getting off my hands and running towards it. I was slowly losing consciousness realizing my most horrible nightmare has come true and now I knew how it all ended and I would never forget the smile of Ammu as she reached the Space craft.


Note: The above can be read as just another horror story or it could be taken as an illustrative one.   Ghosts were my Cupids - what a man uses to keep his lady love under control, in a matter of time, can do exactly the opposite! When a real life alien visits us to suck away the lady love from us it is usually, already too late!!

Translation by -  Don Ashok

Original in Tamil is available on this link -

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