Sunday, December 9, 2012

Kittens - Short Story (Translated by Don Ashok)

How many times have I told you not to leave it outside?"  Sara rushed inside screaming in Italian.

She was yelling about my cushioned Wheel chair. Calming her verbally would be a vain attempt. So I served her favourite Elachi flavoured tea and let it do the work.

Sara's visits fall mostly on weekends and would last not beyond 8 PM. Due to her ardent catholic background; one cannot expect anything like Hollywood romanticisms. Though I have always felt like wanting to marry her, our relationship was not yet categorized. It fell somewhere in-between love and friendship. But after the below conversation, I am not sure whether the feeling would be mutual.

"Karthi, which is your favourite? Cats or dogs?”

“I like all the animals, but at a distance! ”

"I never knew somebody could live without having a liking for pets! My wish is to live in a big home with tens of cats, four or five dogs, a few birds and lots and lots of love around me"

"Sara, I grew up in a country where people strive hard for a morsel. My heart goes for them.  I am not both emotionally and economically fit enough to feed animals"

I am definitely not an animal offender. But I strongly believe that my home belongs to people and people only.

One day, on watching me feeding a cat with left out fish pieces, she got annoyed and instructed me not to do so. Since it is not good for the cat’s digestion, she recommended me to feed cat-food products from the pet shop and nothing else!

Later, when she visited me the following week, my wheel chair was outside as usual. I heard her shouting “Karthi”. But it came along with immense excitement.
A cat and a few kittens were snuggled warmly on the wheel chair’s cushion. She captured the scene so many times in her I-phone.

A few months before, I had left the wheel chair outside in order to dry the tea spilled cushion. That was when I saw a mother cat cuddled itself in the warmth, sleeping peacefully. From then on I made it a habit to leave the wheelchair outside after 10 o clock in the nights. 

Unfortunately, whenever Sara comes in the morning, the cat left already and she gets annoyed on seeing the wheelchair left alone. Adding to the situation, I haven’t seen the cat for a few weeks lately. But I never forgot to place the chair in its position. May be now I have understood why the cat had left. As you did, Sara too knows the reason why I leave the wheelchair outside. On hearing that, she was happy and I haven’t seen her so happy before. 

By the way, I forgot to tell you! Sara is staying with me tonight!

Originally written in Tamil 
Translated by :- 

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