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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions - Tamil Nadu and Hindi Imposition

1. Will Republic of India's Hindi imposition policy affect Tamil Nadu?

NO. Tamil Nadu has constitutional protection from Hindi being imposed in Tamil Nadu.

2. How did Tamil Nadu achieve constitutional protection?

Tamil Nadu's fight against Hindi imposition started in Brtish rule. During Late 1930's they fought against Hindi imposition. The second fight against Hindi imposition happened in late 1960s. Unless you fight for your cause, you do not get anything. Fighting for the rights is synonymous with Tamils.

3. Who fought against Hindi imposition?

In 1937, it was by Periyar E.V.Ramasamy then in 1960s by DMK. Ironically C.Rajagopalachari who tried to impose Hindi Education in 1937, joined Anti-Hindi imposition protests with DMK in 1964-65.

4. What did Tamil Nadu achieve by agitating against Hindi imposition?

The mandatory Hindi education was withdrawn by the British Governor of Madras Lord Erskine in February 1940. After 1960s Tamil Nadu has got constitutional protection like Quebec in Canada.

5. Did Tamil Nadu lose anything by not learning Hindi?

Nothing. Tamil Nadu is well ahead of the most 'media' developed state Gujarat. In fact many Hindi speaking illiterate people come down to Tamil Nadu for seeking better opportunities, as Tamil Nadu is a welcome home for anyone.

6. Is learning Hindi in Tamil Nadu prohibited?

No. Every town has got at least one Hindi institution. Tamil Nadu is NOT against Hindi, it is against Hindi imposition.

7. When Tamil Nadu was protesting , what others were doing?

They were simply mocking Tamils and questioning Tamils' patriotism.

8. When Tamil Nadu has got legal protection, why Tamils are fuming over Hindi imposition now?

As history shows, Tamils have to fight their own battle alone and they do not sit simply when others fighting for similiar cause. Tamils very well know that if they could come to you they could come to them also very soon.

9. What should Tamils do ?

Tamils should give ALL KIND of support to our Kannada, Telugu , Malayala , Marati and North Eastern brothers for their linguistic rights.

10. What is the worst case scenerio of Hindi imposition?

History is the best teacher. Read Pakistan - East Pakistan (Bangladesh) case.


Monday, February 24, 2014

Why should North Indians and media listen to Tamils?

Long before the so called 1857 Sepoy Mutiny, the Polygars and Kings of Tamil land fought against the East India Company. Southerners, particularly Tamils initiated the freedom struggle then the rest of Indian sub continent followed it much later which lead to the notion of India.

When the Central Government of India tried to IMPOSE Hindi to all Indian citizens, it was the Tamils who raised their voice against the IMPOSITION. Once Tamils started as usual, rest of Indian Republic followed and the HINDIANS finally withdrew the idea and India's sovereignty was saved

Tamils voices are louder for Reservation Social justice. They demanded their rights then Indian citizens realised the importance of Social justice.  Country had V.P.Singh to implement Mandal recommendations , first people who supported it were Tamils. If at all Social justice prevails in India, it is solely because of the struggle initiated by Tamils even before the independence lead by Periyar.

 When North India was burning in riots, Tamilnadu remained silent. Be it  Calcutta riots that happened before independence or be it partition riots, be it the Babri Masjid riot initiated by Hindu fanatics, there were NO notable incidents here in Tamilnadu. As far as religious harmony is concerned, Tamilnadu still remains a wonderful example to all of India. Tamils knew the secret of how to preserve 'Bhaiya-Bhaiya' relationship between various religions.

Indian Tamils constantly insisted the center to support Tamils in Srilankan civil war since its very beginning. But Rajeev did exactly the opposite and his decision on Srilanka was a complete fiasco. Adding to the failure of IPKF, now Srilanka is under china's occupancy, which is a REAL AND PRESENT DANGER to INDIA. If only India had ears for what Tamils had to say, Ealam, nation of Ealam Tamils would have been India's Loyal base against the Chinese forces in Srilanka.

Conclusion :- Thus rebellious voices from Tamils always have great benefits for the Indian Republic
Written by Popular Tamil writer and activist Don Ashok -

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Bofors - Rajiv - Hindi - Telengana - Tamils - Media - Chaos Theory - Q & A

 How does Telangana split from Andhra would help Tamil Nadu? 

Historically Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema are closely connected to Tamil speaking land mass. Even after Independence , Fertile, Rich , intellect bases of Telugu land mass was with majority Tamil speaking Madras Presidency. Choramandal coast was in fact , named after The Great Cholas. Rich Coastal Andhrites investing in Tamil Nadu had been drastically reduced ever since 1990s when their investment base moved to Hyderabad. With this split , rich Telugus would turn their focus again to Tamil Nadu which would be beneficial economically, politically and demographically for both. Union - Split - Reunion - Divide again is part and parcel of the history  Old Madras Presidency is going to return 

Why do intellects think that Lal Bahadur Shastri is the most under rated Indian Prime Minister?

Answer :- Besides his military victory over Pakistan he had done a fabulous job inside India too. When Government of India decided to IMPOSE Hindi on vast majority non-Hindi speaking people , there were situations like civil war in Tamil Nadu . It was like straight forward Aam Athmi Vs The State. These Tamils are like volcanoes sleeping under the ocean. They always sleep, but when their language identity is ill-treated they erupt. Even hardcore Brahmnical Indian Nationalist Rajaji openly declared that he himself felt having a Tamil nation. (Rajaji was so angry against Hindi speaking people for having denied him to become the First President of India) Ruthless  Shastri first sent Para Military , but later realised with the inputs of K.Kamaraj , came down and took back Hindi imposition on non-Hindi speaking states. Had he taken the hardest path of imposition, given the Pro Russian Indian stand, there could be an American sponsored civil war in the south. He renewed another instalment of Indian Nationalism, he gave another life to India. His moral victory for the unity of India is more valuable than his military victory over Pakistan.

 What is the biggest threat to Indian integrity ,the notion of India and Republic of India itself? 

Indian English Media.

 What is the best way to take the language Hindi to many people? 

Government of India should consider to change Hindi's script to Latin script. It would make easy for others to learn Hindi and in next 50 years penetration of Hindi would be deep rooted. Please do not mistake me that I am being sarcastic. Actually Hindi is written in Latin Script. In Fiji, Hindi is spoken in the amalgamation of Awadhi variety of Hindi, English and Tamil. They use Latin script. On Wikipedia articles are available in Fiji Hindi too. Now let me be sarcastic, this is the time for Sanskritinizing group to talk to Indian Embassy in Fiji and PURIFY the language , script and people. 

Bofors may not have served its purpose. But it helped millions of people to get social justice in India. Let us see how ?

If not for Bofors scandal, VP Singh would not have become the Prime Minister of India.
If not for VP Singh, implementing Mandal Commission's recommendations would be a dream for ever.
If not for Social Justice in the form of reservation, many backward people would not have studied.
If not for studies , many of them would have joined armed fight against the state.
Actually Bofors scandal is a blessing in disguise for the unity of India and for the social justice. Tack tack så mycket Swedish Bofors  

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Social Networking websites - A survey

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Visa applicant (with usual Indian extra bending and an enlarged smile) :- Sir, here are my documents. 

Consular Officer :- That's fine, What is your Facebook profile name ?.
Applicant :- _ _ _ _ _ _ 

Consular Officer checks with his system , with a grinned face tells him, 

"Your Visa application has been rejected .The reasons are 25 times you wrote against 'the' US, 55 times you mocked 'the' US , 108 times you shared the News links from Russia Today, 1008 times you made an internet search for 'How to settle in 'the' US PERMANENTLY" .

Monday, December 16, 2013

Why Alastair Cook was out for a duck today?

English Captain was out without scoring anything on the fourth day of the third Ashes Test in Perth Australia. Here is the EspnCricinfo's text commentary of this dismissal

"0.1 84.6 mph, bowled him, first ball, that's a beauty from Harris! Oh my, this is sensational, the ball shaping back and flipping the off bail, not even a single delivery's respite for Cook. The crowd goes absolutely nuts and well they might, nothing can go wrong for Australia at the moment. Cook maybe played a little inside the line, hoping the bounce would save him but it was a terrific ball, hinting at inswing and then nibbling a fraction to ping the bails". 

What they have missed in this commentary is a Sachin Tendlukar element in his dismissal. For the last two days there is an image circulating among Cricket followers and Tendulkar fanatics. 

That image has a comparison of the combined statistics of Cook and his rival Australian Captain Clarke. While the image went viral, few people raised their eyebrows and murmuring that Alastair Cook had got one more chance to bat in the second innings and he has got chances to spoil the beauty of the statistics by scoring at least a run to the maximum of scoring a century. 

What happened was he was out for first ball duck. Half way statistics were not disturbed. Tendulkar is still 'playing' even after the retirement :)

So the scoreboards should be corrected by 

A.Cook b. #Tendulkar 0 

This piece can be written as a dedication to please the hardcore #Sachin fans.

BUT BUT BUT BUT the real thing is 

The screen shot mentioned was taken by someone while Clarke batting in his second innings and eventually ended up scoring 23 runs. So 'spookiness' of the statistics was spoiled by then itself. So irrespective of Cook runs this spookiness was there for a moment and that's it. So Cook was dismissed by Harris. And it was a misjudgement of Cook to see the incoming inswinging ball. 

So now it reads like this 

Cook - 7955 

Clarke 7987 

total 15942 

NOT equal to 

Tendulkar 15921

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Spying is boring ... Manipulation is more interesting

In the future, the focus of Government intelligence agencies would be on 'manipulation' rather than 'spying'. These days given the technological advancements, it is rather easier to know who is doing what and thus spying becomes easier and boring. Governments and agencies had started giving more importance to manipulation. Manipulation can be done by 

1. Disinformation 2. Propaganda 3. Providing extra information 

1. Disinformation is defined as intentionally false or inaccurate information that is spread deliberately. 
Example:- Providing an information that Tamil screen icon MGR is the 'sole' reason for the raise of Dravidian movements, particularly DMK in Tamil Nadu. 

2. Propaganda is defined as 'A form of communication aimed towards influencing the attitude of the community toward some cause or position by presenting only one side of an argument'. 
Example :- Presenting the data about good governance in Gujarat by its Chief Minister Mr. Modi ( promoted as the future Prime Minister by the right wing media) and conveniently hiding the state of minorities and under privileged majorities.

3. Extra information is providing irrelevant information that could devalue the original information intended to be shared.
Example :- Michael Clarke is a great Cricket Player and he may not have watched the movie Avatar and perhaps hates the lead actor Sam Worthington. Here is an extra information which is irrelevant to the context of Cricket, but the curious people would dig deep and after knowing the connection they would either sympathise with Clarke or mock him, which actually devalues his Cricket abilities. 

So people should be careful of information provided to them 

Even in this write up , detractors can find out a disinformation, a pint of propaganda and an extra information and accuse this as a part of manipulating people towards a certain goal.

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